UNLV Beam Hall

Public/Civic Design

Project Summary

(R)evolution Engineering provided the mechanical and electrical design work associated with therenovation of the Frank & Estella Beam Hall at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The first-floor renovation included mechanical and electrical work for six offices and tworeception areas, and upgrading data in all rooms.

The second-floor renovation included the lounge and office area mechanical, plumbing and electrical work including a new sink and a lounge/classroom with dimmable lighting.

The third-floor renovation included electrical work in office 341 and copy room 354, and upgrading data in all rooms.

The fourth-floor renovation included upgrading data in all rooms and plumbing renovation instorage room 449B.

The fifth-floor renovation included electrical revisions in Admin 543 and upgrading data in all rooms.

BRAZEN Architecture

Construction Cost

March 2018