Universal Laundry Expansion

Industrial Engineering Design for a Commercial Laundry Facility

Project Summary

For this industrial engineering design project, we were approached by architect Dr. Brian J. Miller to help upgrade an existing 35,000 sq ft warehouse space into a complete commercial laundry facility.

Revolution Engineering’s role in this industrial project required an upgrade of an existing 35,000 SF warehouse to create a new commercial laundry facility.

The project also consists of a remodel of the existing breakroom with the addition of a restroom on the 1st floor and design of a new 2nd floor office space.

Revolution provided mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering and design services to include new electrical service to accommodate the additional load of the laundry equipment, new boilers and steam generators for the facility, new evaporative coolers for the warehouse space and new rooftop unit for the 2 nd floor office buildout, new lighting throughout the warehouse, new air compressors and lines throughout the warehouse, and MPE connections to new laundry equipment.

Dr. Brian J. Miller, Architect

Las Vegas, NV

Square Footage

Construction Cost