Make no mistake about it. Life is difficult. At some point in your life, you have faced many challenges. And what seems like a challenge to you may be a cake walk to your neighbor. Regardless, your challenge is yours, and it feels overwhelming at the time.

The big questions is: How do I overcome these challenges? What can I do to push past these obstacles in my life?

Start by defining the obstacle. This will set the path to conquering it. Accept it, acknowledge it, and accept that you’re responsible for solving the challenge. Write down the challenge and make a list of actions you can take to overcome it. Then, tackle each action one at a time.

Next, know the “why” behind what you’re doing. Having a strong value system in place with a clear goal in mind will keep your sights set on the end achievement and block out the day-to-day obstacles that pop up in the middle.

Finally, look at these challenges as opportunities to grow! Remember this mantra: “I control what I can, cope with what I can’t, and concentrate on what matters.” And what matters, ultimately, is your values and goal. Remember, anything worth accomplishing will be hard, take time, and require patience. Stick to the plan and good things will come.

Make no mistake about it. Life is difficult. You WILL face challenges. But don’t let the challenge define you. Let how you HANDLE the challenge define your life.