Every great hero, and heroic team, has an origin story. Batman had his parents murdered before his eyes. Superman’s planet was destroyed, and his parents sent him to Earth an orphan. Deadpool was a lethal assassin diagnosed with cancer with a face like an old avocado due to a government experiment gone awry. Revolution is no different. Well, except for death, destruction, and avocados. 

Hero to our team members and clients, and villains to our competitors, Revolution began its story with five people destined to change the landscape of the AE industry. But, like Batman tumbling down the side of a building after missing a daring rooftop jump, we’ve suffered our fair share of bumps and bruises along the way. And we still have a long way to go in becoming the epic heroes of comics and multi-million-dollar movies. 

In 2017, our Ferocious Five met in the darkest corners of Habit Burger to plot their journey. They plotted the team logo and name (Justice League was taken), plans for development, location of the secret lair, and secret identities (titles, for the non-comic book inclined). The idea? Make the AE world a better place to live. Treat our team and our clients fairly. Provide a better service to our community. Be there for those in need. In short, focus on what matters: people, products, and personal excellence. The profits will follow. 

Like every epic tale, Revolution has faced great challenges. A global pandemic, pay cuts, lost team members, and evil corporate buyouts of competitors have pushed our team to the brink of defeat. Some heroes were defeated at the snap of a finger, never to return. Others grew to face increasing danger and overcome obstacles to become the main characters in the story of our office. Our Ferocious Five has grown to a stronger Notorious Nineteen, eager to face challenges and defeat their enemies. With the help of our valued partners, trusted clients, extended circle of friends, family, vendors, and mentors, our team is poised to conquer new projects easily. 

If you made it this far in our silly origin story for Revolution Engineering, congratulations, and thank you for enduring the nonsense. On a serious note, Revolution was formed in 2017 with five people. Brian, Trixie, and Chris remain of the original band of misfits. The rest of our fantastic team was added along the way. We moved to our current location in 2020 at the beginning of a global pandemic and added the New Orleans office in 2021 towards the end of it. We truly appreciate the support of our team members, clients, vendors, mentors, friends, and family. We wouldn’t be who we are without you. 

Thank you all. Here’s to a Revolutionary future, comic books, movie rights, and a multiverse for all engineering firms in the future. POW!