Do you ever get FOMO? You know, fear of missing out? That gut feeling that says, “Man, I shoulda did that thing with that guy, and I bet I’d be making millions right now!”

Opportunities can come in many ways. The biggest challenge is finding which opportunity is right for you. So, how do you find the right one to avoid FOMO?

First, ask yourself, “How do I want to spend my days?” Now, the simple answer is on a beach sipping Mai Tais. That sounds great in your mind, but that would get boring quickly.

Instead, think about what a perfect day looks like for you. Include time for exercise, family, work, and spiritual needs. Also, think about your value system and what is important to you. Maybe it’s only shopping or doing business with local retailers, not big-box chains. Or not doing business with people who believe in ghosts. Whatever they are, they are your values. Own them and respect them.

Now that you have your values and “perfect day,” you can look at opportunities that come your way and decide if it’s worth taking. Does this opportunity align with my values? Does it work with how I want to spend my day? Many opportunities seem exciting but actually give you LESS of the life you want. So, make as few choices as possible that violate your answer.

By narrowing your vision to seek only the right opportunities that meet your values, you will create more freedom, time, relationships, and money. Don’t jump on the “next big thing.” Stay true to yourself and make each day your perfect day.