The Premier Multi-Family Engineers

We Have the Experience You Can Trust

Since 2017, Revolution Engineering has been completing designs for various size multifamily projects — everything from 8-unit mini apartments to 400+ unit mid-rise mixed-use, steel frame and concrete buildings.

In the short span of a couple years, we’ve been trusted to assist and guide in the design of over 20 multifamily buildings.

Overcoming Project Challenges

It goes without saying that designing a project from scratch is a little easier if we’re involved early enough in the process. At Revolution Engineering, our goal is to listen to ownership’s needs and advising them on meeting those goals.

Retrofitting a project can become challenging when trying to work with the existing MEP systems due to the fact that the design may have limiting factors such as the availability of gas, water or electric service sizes.


Work with Engineers Specialize in Multi-Family

Why should we hire Revolution Engineering vs a competitor?

When you work with Revolution Engineering, you can be assured that we’ve seen it and done it. We have hands on experience working on several types of construction, sizes and styles of multifamily projects.

We know what questions to ask ownership at the beginning of the design process to ensure the project continues to move forward quickly and efficiently.

We also are able to estimate utility loads based on our previous experience which means that we can get ahead of the issue to save both time and money.

When you work with Revolution Engineering, we’ll reduce RFIs and change orders which translates into the building being occupied early or on time so that ownership can start to capture revenue.


Common Issues We Encounter on Projects

What things should we be on the lookout for?

One of the biggest pain points that the project/ownership typically encounters is lead times on equipment such as:

  • Electrical service equipment
  • HVAC equipment
  • Large items

When you work with Revolution Engineering, our goal is to identify these potential obstacles early on so that everything can move forward in a timely manner.

Another major obstacle in delivering a project on time is coordinating with local utilities and submitting documentation. We counteract this through our processes so that information required to submit to local utilities so they can begin their design process is provided to you, the client, early on.

By doing so, we’re able to identify the utility items that will need to be put into the construction and bid documents for pricing and coordination.

Our approach to engineering design means a better build out for you and your clients