Kailua-Kona MEP Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design for Hawai'i

When Chris was asked to join the office in Hawaii for his last employer, he relocated with little personal expectations and grand business goals. And after nearly 3 years, he had built a solid presence on the Island, forged strong relationships and was greatly endeared by the last state to join the Union.

After launching a well rooted office, Chris was sent back to Las Vegas to revitalize that office; however, after a while, the dream of Revolution began to take shape and move closer to reality.

As Revolution Engineering took shape in Las Vegas, Chris kicked around the idea of returning to Hawaii and being part of their developing landscape. In addition to the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables, the genuine kindness of the people, and the simplicity in design, Chris felt that the spirit of Hawaii was aligned with his values and his new, growing Company.

In Revolution’s fourth year, Chris was able to open Revolution-Hawaii, located in Kailua-Kona. Several relationships were preserved and the team has designed MEP systems throughout the Islands since Revolution’s inception, but it made sense that as we grow, we have a base there, to avail ourselves to the community and have a greater presence and investment as we contribute to its beauty.

Providing excellent MEP designs and incorporating Hawaii’s culture of preservation and reuse, it has been a delight to work on projects like HMC Hilo Rural Health and Aloha Vet.

We’re ready to help you with your mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs.

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