(R)eal People

Meet Our Directors

Chris Lovett, PE

President & Interim Director of Electrical Engineering

B.S. Electrical Engineering – UNLV

Experience since 1998

Christopher Lovett, P.E., has been a revolutionary in the workplace throughout his career while wrestling unfair policies and treatment of his colleagues.

With over 20 years of electrical engineering experience, he decided it was time for him to make an impact in the employment movement. This gave rise to the founding of Revolution Engineering in 2017.

He started the company committed to creating people-centered policies that focused more on team cohesiveness rather than time, knowing that this would lead to better outcomes for our clients.

His vision for the future of the AEC space includes providing consistent 4-day work weeks, empowering team members and providing unlimited vacation time.

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Brian Patalon, PE

Director of Mechanical Engineering

B.S. Mechanical Engineering – MTU

Experience since 1998

Brian Patalon, P.E., was a revolutionary since his days in Michigan, where he shed the life of the Michigan-cold and built his career in Vegas. Brian has an impeccable reputation and is an expert in mechanical design.

Brian is one of the original founding members of Revolution Engineering in 2017. As our Director of Mechanical Engineering, he has not only help mold the company, but also helps train future members of the Revolution Engineering family. He really knows his stuff when it comes to mechanical systems and has a heart of gold to teach and help the team.

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Nancy Cruz

Director of Strategy

B.A. American Studies – F&M College

Experience since 2002

Nancy Cruz is a revolutionary since the early days when her mom said she was likely destined to be a lawyer because she passionately defended her views.

She joined Revolution Engineering in 2018. As the Director of Strategy, she works very closely with the President, Chris Lovett to ensure that the vision and mission are embedded throughout the office, company policy and our future company goals. Whether drafting new proposals, pitching our company to prospective partners, or addressing new challenges, she takes her go-get-it attitude to elevate the business and the brand.

Our approach to engineering design means a better build out for you and your clients