Our Engineering & Design Services

MEP Design Capabilities

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical engineers have the experience and know-how to design an effective mechanical system for your specific project.

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Electrical Design

Our team of electrical design engineers will design the electrical system best suited for your building application.

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Plumbing Design

Our plumbing engineers can help design a fluid and smooth and efficient running system for your industrial or commercial project.

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Essential Services our Clients Depend On


Due Diligence Reports

Want to avoid surprises during the design planning & construction phase?

We provide an analysis of the existing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) systems to assess for code compliance and determine if systems are able to be upgraded and re-used or should instead be salvaged and replaced with newer, more energy efficient systems.

Some systems appear to be in working order, but may need to replaced due to aging componenets and availability of replacement parts.

Our due diligence reports provide a thorough investigation to assess the complete system to assist the owner in developing an effective MEP construction cost.


Energy Audits

Concerned about the rising costs of utilities and what to do next?

Let Revolution Engineering review your existing MEP systems to determine any potential equipment that can be replaced or upgraded to provide you with a more energy efficient system that can help decrease energy costs.

At the end of our audit, we are also able to provide a cost saving analysis to show you the estimated return on investment time.


Energy Modeling

Need to know whether your buildings components are working together to help you remain compliant?

Utilizing some of the most current computer simulation programs available, Revolution Engineering is able to analyze multiple mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural systems to simulate their energy performance.

This can be a valuable tool can help you decide which systems will perform the best over the life of a building and whether changes should be made. In some jurisdictions, energy modeling is required to show Code compliance, and ASHRAE 90.1 energy modeling is always required to achieve LEED certification.


Our approach to engineering design means a better build out for you and your clients